“Hi” I’m Annie Athena living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

My spiritual journey started in my late teens, when I experienced the connection to “The Other Side”. Thereafter everything on my path has moved me toward greater, intuitive spiritual awareness, and energetic expansion.

Throughout my life I have worked with people and healing of the physical and mental body. In my work as a clairvoyant healer and body therapist, I use many tools such as: Intuitive Energy Healing (remote and person to person), Soul Awareness-Reading (removes deep embedded mechanisms that deter one from acting in freedom), Sound Healing and Body Therapeutic Relaxation.. I am also a qualified ‘Gateway Activator’ and send this fantastic and amazing energy that helps you to return to your power, and heals and restores your light matrix amongst other things.

Do you feel depressed, have difficulty finding yourself or finding your way? Perhaps you feel life is too challenging or you are in need of an energy boost to feel uplifted?. These are some of the areas where I can offer my help. My higher purpose is to guide, support and help you to move back into your body, so you can heal, stand strong in your divine core and live out your greatest potential.

If this resonates with you and you are interested in receiving healing, please contact me . Here