Hi, I’m April McBride & I reside on the East Coast of the US. My gifts were awakened, and I began my Spiritual/Healing journey in January of 1998. I am a Bodyworker/ Massage Therapist, Empathic Energy worker, Pure Bioenergy Facilitator, Reiki Master and Gateway Facilitator & Activator.

I signed up for my first massage class on the day in January of 1998 and my life would forever change. This school offered Reiki in the curriculum and that’s when I realized I had an extraordinary gift, a gift that would help me serve Humanity in a unique way. Through the years, my path has led me to much Spiritual growth and Awakening. It is my heartfelt goal to aid others in breaking free of the 3D matrix confines and empower humanity while increasing the light frequency, here on Earth.

If you are ready to remove blocks that are not serving you, increase your vibrational frequency & move forward on your journey, take a deep breath, let go and walk with me.


“In the beginning of my session, I began to feel a wave of pure, unconditional love pour over me. It was calming, and so sweet. Not long after that, I began to feel what I can only describe as a divine connection. Like I was coming “online.” 
The session was 30 minutes in total. I typically have a hard time sitting still and meditating that long, but this was no problem. In regards to feeling the divine connection, that is something I have never felt before. As long as I’ve been on my journey, I’ve tried so hard to connect to my higher self, or to just feel that divine connection. During this session was the first time I’ve ever felt that. I feel lighter. My mind feels more sharp. I’ve always tried to trust & listen to my instinct, but always second guessed it in the back of my mind. I feel that listening to my instinct will be easier for me to do now. Very thankful for this Gateway Energy Healing session.” ♥️


If you would like to schedule a session with me, please contact me via
Email: Here    (healing_the_whole@yahoo.com) or