My name is Caroline Ryan (soon to be Carolina Grace) and, since childhood, like Santiago the Shepherd boy in The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho, I’ve been on a lifelong quest to find my ‘treasure’: my personal mission this lifetime.
Maybe you can relate…?
Like Santiago, I travelled the world, tried on lots of professional roles and ‘hats’, trying to find one that didn’t just ‘fit’, but felt right, ie; just like coming home!

Along the way, I experienced a roller coaster of eye (and soul) opening experiences, involving distortions, distractions, chaos, isolation, corruption, massive losses (health, finances, relationships), family breakups/downs, violence, legal machinations… it’s been quite a ride, but for the last 30 years, when I first ‘awoke’ to my spiritual Self through my initial encounter with Reiki, I was fortunate to understand the hidden blessings contained within the apparent curses I apparently needed to traverse.

So it took a lot of frog ‘kissing’ and being dropped on my head, for me to realize that
the journey was the gift I’d been seeking and that along the way, I’d accumulated so
much experience, understanding and dare I call it ‘wisdom’ on so many levels, to fit
into my increasing awareness of my own role, within Humanity’s evolutionary path at this key moment on our planet. Just like Santiago, in fact <laugh>!!

Now, of course, Humanity has arrived at a pivotal choicepoint for our future direction:
Do we follow a more organic, natural and Heart-led, divinely aligned Ascension path, or, the intended, technologically-led, transhumanist, artificial and synthetic, man-
made and ego-led agenda that is being actively promoted right now.

My role, as I feel it, is to support the creation of the new Heart-led Humanity as part
of our New Earthly 5D+ paradigm creation and all those called forward to be the New
Earth Creators, living and leading from the Heart.
Is that you?

I can now call upon 20 years of holistic, international leadership development
(inspired by my first 20 years of dire leadership experience across all sectors and
countries), to support and guide all those called forward to birth the New Earth.
These are the courageous individuals who choose to be the visible, committed,
wayshowers, influencers, ‘leaders’, and role models, demonstrating what else IS
possible when we not only bring our gifts forward in service, but we also show that
looks and feels like when living from that 5D+ embodied perspective, even as we’re
still transitioning out of the 3D realm.

We need the visible and active role models to step forward and create the New
Is that you? Are you called forth as a New Earth Creator to guide others?
Maybe you have a service to offer that you wish to ensure is 5D aligned, whilst also being visible as the new, embodied 5D+ Human wayshower and role model?

My offering to you:

A combination of energy work and spiritually aligned, guidance and support. We will
be using Gateway Activations and Reiki, designed to assist you to gain the
confidence, courage and clarity required for you to step out and onto the bridge
between the old world and the new (3-5D+), as you learn to use and trust your own
Source and Soul-connection, sourced through your Heart: your unique GPS.
I am your facilitator-in-chief to help you on your journey back to remember and
connect with your true Source power.

As such, I assist as your guide and mentor (practically and spiritually) as you gain
your new 5D ‘legs’ (or should that be ‘wings’?)and understand that you have all you
need within you to live and share your gifts, whilst birthing the New Earth as a much
needed wayshower, guide and role model too, for others to follow.

There’s a lot to unpack here, so please, if you’d like to know more – feel free to
contact me here  and I would be delighted to have a chat and see if this is a resonant, Heart-led choice for you right now.

Much love