My name is Ina Luttjeboer and I am from Holland. The better part of my life I was drawn towards healing but as  a body intuitive I could feel my clients pain and aches in my body as I was healing them. I used different healing modalities as an ET healer or Reconnective healer but the result was the same. I was searching for another healing mode which relieved me of this phenomenon and then I met Kira and she changed all this.
I was drawn to the Gateway system and Ketheric healing immediately and I have received both initiations. I am amazed with how these healing modalities work. For me the energy connects right into the heart, scalar energy is scorching through the body in some places, energy is lifted and replaced by templates and light codes. 

The Gateway Systems

The Gateway energy is a great tool for reversing DNA/mRNA modifications from PCR tests and vaccinations. DNA will be reversed and remodified to its original template.

Here is what the Gateway does to our system:
1.The energy makes an assessment of our DNA..
2. It identifies the Genome, and rearranges our genetic material..
3. Lost DNA is rescued from the etheric strands and reintegrated..
4. Any dysfunctional DNA is replaced..
5. The strands are reinvigorated through the injection of new codes. New Star Technology is installed, creating a new system entirely..
6. Important structural changes are finalized, to support the new template..
7. All of our Stellar Systems are reunited, (our galactic energy systems), turning them into One Whole Module.
Scalar Energy can be called on after receiving the downloads.
Furthermore there is Merka (merkaba uploads) Auriga (grief management) and Genesis. Added last is the Diamond Gateway.
Genesis codes are anti-matter codes that ought to be given separately in 3 sessions. In total there are 14 uploads.

1 Gateway healing € 40,- 30 min per healing.


Ketheric Healing System

This system is used for healings on the causal body. The causal body will receive a reset to its original blueprint. Healing can occur. It is said that Jesus was able to use this healing modality. I am not able to download this system as yet.
1 healing € 45,- for 30 min


Plasma light healing

The plasma light is the highest form of light available as such. It creates a huge field of light within the matrix of each soul. Nothing can resist its light.

1 plasma light healing € 45,-

Atomic healing

The matrix of all light is made up of atomic particles, which forms bonds to create matter. In time this becomes corrupted. The atomic healing energy is acting as a superconductor and spins the atoms back into reverse and thus they are reformed.

1 atomic healing € 60,- 60 min

SilverStar healing

The SilverStar energy healing lifts you out of despair and attracts the highest light in your energy field. It increases your vibrational frequency.
1 SilverStar healing € 40,- for 30 min

Kauna light system

The Kauna light system originates from the Polaris constellation and the 5th universe. These light codes will trigger changes within your light body fields. It will shift you into different Merkaba stages. This system was also used in the healing temples of Atlantis for renewal, regeneration and liberation.
1 healing session: € 40,- 30 min.

Blockage removal

Your most important blockage will be removed.

1 session € 40,- 30 min.

Higher Light attunement

Higher Light, is both an activation and attunement of the codes from your Higher Self Matrix. This Light can generally be called upon when you need it.
1 session €60,- 30 min.

The Sister Stars activation

The (Pleiadian) Sister Stars, is an advanced activation/attunement from a crystalline consciousness. After receiving a few of these attunements, you will be able to transmit the energy to others! Also, after your clients have received four of these attunements from you, they will likewise be able to give them to others.
3 sessions discount € 110,-

Unicorn healing

This healing connects you to the realm of the unicorns. The energy is soft, healing and heartfelt. This is a 7D – 9thD healing.
1 session € 40,- 30 min.
My main goal is to help and uplift people with these amazing tools of healing.. 
I have also been initiated as an ET healer by Chagai Katz, 13th Octave LaHoChi healing and Angel Light Healing by Linda Dillon.
Further healing modalities received: Plasma Light Initiations, Sister Star System (Pleiadian), Silverstar System healing, Higher Light Attunement.

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