My name is Ina Luttjeboer and I am from Holland. The better part of my life I was drawn towards healing but as  a body intuitive I could feel my clients pain and aches in my body as I was healing them. I used different healing modalities as an ET healer or Reconnective healer but the result was the same. I was searching for another healing mode which relieved me of this phenomenon and then I met Kira and she changed all this.


I was drawn to the Gateway system and Ketheric healing immediately and I have received both initiations. I am amazed how these healing modalities work. For me the energy connects right into the heart, scalar energy is scorching through the body in some places, energy is lifted and replaced by templates and lightcodes. Furthermore the Gateway is a great tool for reversing DNA/mRNA modifications from PCR tests and vaccinations. DNA will be reversed and remodified to its original template. My main goal is to help and uplift people with these amazing tools of healing.. 


I have also been initiated as an ET healer by Chagai Katz, 13th Octave LaHoChi healing and Angel Light Healing by Linda Dillon.
Further healing modalities received: Plasma Light Initiations, Sister Star System (Pleiadian), Silverstar System healing, Higher Light Attunement..


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Log in to Facebook | on my personal page ( Ina Luttjeboer ) and send me a personal message, so that we can arrange a convenient time for the both of us. Otherwise a time release healing will be an option.