My name is Jon Rios and I’m a Certified Shamanic Practitioner and DNA/Lightbody Activations Facilitator.

I Am here to facilitate Quantum Leaps of Consciousness, for You to remember who You are and Your Divine Mission. 

As an ordained Minister experienced in Interfaith Spiritual Counseling. I’m a facilitator of healing and a motivational speaker/teacher with a passion to inspire and empower others to Heal and Lead themselves in Love and Mastery. I’m trained in many of the most advanced vibrational medicine (energy healing) modalities available today. I have a passion for teaching Spiritual Scientific Knowledge such as Breath-work techniques, Facilitating Energy Healings and Activations, and much more in individual as well as Group settings. One of my greatest passions is to assist others in remembering and directly experiencing their own inherent Spiritual Connection and to awaken and remember their Original Divine Blueprint which is Wholeness and Well-Being. My intention is to assist Humanity in bringing into harmony all aspects and complete embodiment of our Highest self (True Self) and our Divine Infinite Potential..

Please visit me Here to learn more and to book your sessions.