Hi, my name is Juliane and I’m a Gateway and a SilverStar Activator and a Ketheric, Plasma Light, Kauna, Monatomic, Atomic and Bioregenesis Healer. 

I was born in Denmark and as a kid my Mum introduced me to the work of Alice. A. Bailey. Growing up she would tell me all about the Soul, past lives, the Etheric body, and so on.

When I grew older, a passion for theoretical physics started to develop, and in 2010, I finished my Master in Quantum Field Theory. I always feel this inner rush of energy when I think of the zero point and the human light matrix. Because of that I have always been drawn to energy medicine and its many different applications; for instance, bioresonance, frequency therapy, healing, light therapy, sound healing etc. These are all therapies which use frequencies to heal the body. I’m a qualified practitioner in most of these modalities.

In 2018 I suddenly kept seeing or hearing the word ‘DNA’ everywhere. Even when watching TV with the kids a character would suddenly say it. Shortly after I found people who were working with upgrading the DNA. In December 2018 I found Kira Diane Lester, who was the first to transmit the ‘Gateway Systems’ and the ‘Ketheric Healing’.
I became a Gateway activator and a Ketheric Healer shortly after.
I strongly resonate with these systems and I absolutely love to transmit the energies. It is incredible what people can let go of when in contact with these energies. Since 2018 I have kept receiving upgrades and healings.

For more information and how to Book please go to my website www.biofelt.co.uk .

Light and blessings