Underneath the Noise of our lives our own soft voice of truth awakens us to miracles and possibilities. Tuning in brings a sense of peace to our day.   As we become more interested in maintaining our connection to the whisper of truth that broadcasts its message like the sound of the wind, we align ourselves more with this quiet confidence.  We become an extension of the whisper, penetrating the noise of the world; aiding us in our spiritual awakening, creating more peace, trust, and confidence. I look forward to serving you… Patty Scrivens


Gateway Systems Alignment and Activation

Gateway Systems are powered by Scalar Energy and utilize what is known as ‘Quantum Entanglement’. A part of this process, is something called a ‘Gyrosphere’, a Super Conductor of Magnetic Energy or Scalar Wave Energy. It uses the zero point field, in order to make Quantum changes. This Interdimensional device is a fundamental part of the Gateway Systems Network, and is used by the Elohim in their creations.. Book One Today..

Quantum Butterfly Healing

Everything we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our actions and emotions. In order to subdue stress, reduce illness, and ensure positive moments in your life, you must achieve optimal energetic alignment. Butterfly energy works in timespace, allowing healing to take place on all levels in the divine blueprint. Enjoy the sensation of butterflies all around you flapping their tiny wings during this unique healing experience.


Spiritual Practice and the Peace Within

Spiritual awakening and energy healing help ground us to integrate these energies and sustain us. Let me help you find this place of infinite love and peace within you. the chaos of our world will fade as the calm settles over your entire being. Life is full of buried treasures. Sometimes we have an experience that we don’t understand, but if we look deeply, or wait long enough, a reason for that experience will usually reveal itself. Allow me to work with you to find this treasure in your heart where peace, love and joy exist..

Shamanic Journeys

Harmony and balance include the earth and natural rhythms in our lives. Shamanic journeys incorporate these natural rhythms of the earth to help us heal and embrace ourselves. Meet your higher self, spirit guides and ancestors through the experiences of the lower, middle and upper worlds…

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